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November 07 2017

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November 03 2017

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My Favorite Wedding Photographs from San Francisco City Hall

Ever since we got engaged I've always been dreaming of having a San Francisco City Hall wedding. The building is amazing and I love the architecture of this beautiful landmark. One of the reasons I want to get married here is because weddings at City Hall are elegant and stylish.

Here's what I learned so far about the process: you need to register for your wedding date online on the official website to choose your appointment time. This can be done as far as 3 months in advance and Fridays always book up first. After you choose your ceremony time you'll also want to have a marriage license appointment.

There are up to 30 couples who get married at City Hall every weekday. You can choose anytime from 9:30am - 3:30pm for your appointment time. On the wedding day, it's necessary to check into the County Clerk's office on the first floor of the building. They'll give you a number and you'll want to make sure your family and friends are ready for your nuptuals.

Ceremonies usually take place on The Rotunda, which is a setting on top of the grand staircase - see photo below. Marriage officiants are volunteers and your ceremony will only take 5-10 minutes. After the ceremony, it's possible to go to the Fourth Floor balcony for additional family photos and bride and groom portraits. There's also the Mayor's Balcony which can actually be reserved for a private ceremony. They let you have up to one hour of time and provide you with chairs for your guests.

The best part of City Hall weddings is that it's a relatively affordable way to get married. All you need is to get your flowers, wedding dress (if you're dressing up - not every bride does), invite your family and friends, and to book a wedding photographer. You can learn more about the process of getting married in this wedding guide. This is the best resource I've found for how to decide when to have your wedding, how to prepare, and how many wedding guests are allowed.

After the wedding, we plan on having a small reception at Absynthe restaurant just a few blocks away. It's a stylish and intimate little spot which should be perfect for my small wedding. I've also read that many couples will drive around the city for additional wedding photographs and this idea sounds like a lot of fun. Some of my favorite locations are Palace of Fine Arts and Legion of Honor. San Francisco is such a beautiful city that you can go to a large variety of settings and probably spend all day taking photos.

We're also planning a honeymoon and I'm thinking Hawaii should be perfect. We want to find a nice beach where we can just relax and unwind after the wedding stress. It'll be great to finally be married and I can't wait!


My Favorite Wedding Photographs from San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco wedding photographs from City Hall
Grand Staircase at San Francisco City Hall
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